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Its developer, 8990 Housing Development Corporation, always strives hard to provide its real estate customers with affordable and excellent house and lots for sale. Since 1995, they have been known in the industry for providing the people with only the best real estate properties containing all that they need for a modern, convenient and comfortable life. In today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyle, relaxation, leisure and family fun becomes all the more important.  

It is the exact same reason that the developer ensures each community they build will have features to help homeowners improve the quality of their lives and cherish every moment they spend with their loved ones and new friends. 

DECA Resort Residences features different relaxation and recreation facilities and amenities, allowing the modern dwellers the chance to live in a safe, secure and fun community. In the residence, you will find the first wakeboard facility in Mindanao region, a venue ideal for people with active lifestyle.

The residences also have its basketball court.  Playing basketball, holding tournaments, exercising and simply staying active are possible.  A sports facility like it is one of the signatures that the developer is known of for its consumers. They always envision of developing residential communities containing active lifestyle features to improve the health and wellness and promote harmonious relationships among neighbors.

The project also features a multipurpose hall, a venue for important community events and gatherings, allowing neighbors to build nurturing and harmonious relationships.  It is also a spacious venue for holding important occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. Community meeting can also be held here.

This township also boasts its fishing area, where enthusiasts or hobbyists can relax and endeavor in fishing activities.  Aside from it, there is a swimming pool where residents can choose to spend their time with loved ones during the hot summer weather or any given day.

Now if you love soccer, you’ll appreciate the neighborhood that has its soccer field. Sweating out, playing soccer and spending time with new friends are very convenient. You can simply go to this field when you feel like playing soccer. With it, you don’t need to go to nearby soccer playing fields when you want to play the sport.

In addition, there is a resort in the premises, allowing you and your family to bond and cherish great moments playing, having fun in the sun and experiencing luxury in life. The resort is a spacious and well-designed family fun spot that you should not miss.  That is why investing at DECA Davao City might be the one for you if you’d love to create lasting memories with your loved ones without leaving the premises.

Other cool standard features at DECA Homes include cemented sidewalks, concrete roads, water and electrical power supply, underground drainage system and perimeter fence. There is also a security system with roving guards in place to enhance the safety and security of the residents. Take advantage of these cool features. Live in a tranquil community with natural settings and outstanding relaxation and leisure features your family will enjoy.

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  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Gated and Landscaped Entrance Arc
  • Guardhouse and 24/7 Security
  • Concrete Roads
  • Cemented Sidewalks
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Water and Electrical Power Supply
  • Perimeter Fence
  • 3 Hectare Resort
  • Soccer Field
  • DECA Wakeboard Park
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fishing Area
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